Adele & Andy Release New Album “Scars”

Adele & Andy are a multi award-winning husband-and-wife duo from Shropshire, “combineing Adele’s versatile crystalline vocal performances with Andy’s masterful guitar playing, they pay homage to both classic and contemporary country music legends and solidify themselves as ones to watch” [Three Chords]. Lyrical content is based on personal life experiences and storytelling and, combined with their likeable presence on social media that is receiving world-wide appeal on platforms such as Twitch, is proving the duo to be an inspiration to up-and-coming artists looking to push the boundaries of the independent music sector. 2022 has already proven to be successful with being awarded ‘Best Live Streamer’ and receiving nominations for ‘Best UK Duo/Group’ of the year at the UK Country Music Showcase Awards.

The upcoming Album “Scars” is undoubtedly the start of a game-changing 12 months. It comprises three previously released singles Scars which tells the story of a young girl expressing her dreams for her future. The girl is looking back from her now happy place and showing great vulnerability in disclosing her problematic past – friends who have let her down and tried to come back into her life; relationships that were toxic and abusive. Although no-one can see them, she has ‘Scars’ that are hidden, but very much embedded. She maintains that she should hate them but instead thanks them for making her the person she has become… can’t we all relate to this? ‘When I Look at You’. The song describes the electricity that happens when people meet their soulmates. In this story someone who has fallen into depths of despair, and has lost hope of ever being happy, turns their life around after unexpectedly falling head over heels with another. The electric guitar and drumbeat which dominates the track and is supplemented with tinges of banjo and steel at times. You won’t be able to keep your foot from tapping on this one. Adele & Andy surprised us with their third and final single ‘When all these Roads Meet ‘This Country balled expresses the writers desire to have their partner with them throughout all the crossroads of their life. The stripped back vocals accompanied with graceful keyboards and subtle electronic drumbeat transfixes the listener throughout. This must be Adele’s best vocal performance to date.

The remaining tracks are a mix of modern and traditional country with some great song writing to further increase their already fine reputation. Moments is a fine example of there incredible song writing the ‘Lady A’ vibes cut across the message to value your time as it so precious. Someone Else’s Hand is a very deep message which challenges you to make your own interpretation to the lyrics. Who’s gonna Pray for Her is thought provoking asking people to remember that those who care for others, often become neglected. A firm favourite with their followers, Whiskey on Your Breath, paints a picture of true love being unable to conquer the subject’s drinking addiction. Run I can’t Hide focuses on heartbreak at the cost of friendship and is a real foot tapper.

The album then offers two very traditional country songs. The first is a trip to ‘Old Leonards Farm’ where Andy spent his childhood. This song propels you into everything happy and you can’t help smiling throughout the track. ‘Put Your Hands Up’ is going to be the catalyst for a great time at their upcoming Tour, this interactive cowboy song will have you singing along for sure.