Katy Hurt releases new single “The Kiss”

Katy Hurt is set to release her next single “The Kiss”, a delicious slice of contemporary country-pop which will be released to all major platforms on Friday 26th August. This will be her third single from the upcoming debut album, meaning it is another step closer to the full release.

“I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given me so far on this journey, sending my last two singles “Sounds Good In A Bar” and “Wish I Could Give You Up” to Number 1 on the UK Country iTunes charts… can we get “The Kiss” to join them and hit the trifecta?!”

With two singles currently on CBC, Sirius XM and KIX Australia this year has been the most incredibly rewarding and exciting period of releasing music yet.

“I’ve written a lot of songs that captured the darker moments, so it was about dang time that I let some light in. When Gab Zsapka and I sat down and started working on “The Kiss” it felt like sunshine. It comes from a place of genuine love and excitement and captures all the feelings that come with first time romance. It’s the true story of my first kiss with “the one” and I hope it makes you turn the radio up, dance around your room and sing into a hairbrush microphone like no-one is watching! “