Mikki Evans releases sassy, country-pop banger “Rent Free”

Mikki Evans is a UK Country Singer-Songwriter from the West Midlands. Having performed from a young age, and very quickly discovering her passion for country music, the talented artist has already established herself as an up-and-coming solo UK country artist to watch, as well as performing as part of the band “The Country Chix“! In 2020, she released her cover of ‘Jealous Of The Angels’ which was followed by the release of her latest single ‘Get Gone’, co-written with Gary Quinn and produced by Tim Prottey-Jones. Since it’s release, the track hit #3 in the UK Country Charts and has since been supported by several top country radio stations, including Absolute Country Radio and Country Line TV. Mikki also co-wrote Gary Quinn’s #1 hit, “Point Of View”.

Mikki’s new single “Rent Free” is a sassy, country-pop banger, full of uplighting and empowering lyrics that goes through the physical and emotional feelings of a break up. We can all relate to a heartfelt break, whether it be with family, friends, or significant other, where that person lives in your mind and cannot be removed:

“It’s a song about taking back that power!.. Evicting this person physically whilst mentally taking back the keys to your own sanity and mind”.

“This is THE anthem for a break up you can scream your lungs out to in the car“