Americana artist Paul Carella collaborates with indie rocker Billy Moran to release ‘Shine a Little Light’

In a strong move for his first release with w21Records, Americana singer-songwriter Paul Carella drops his new single ‘Shed a Little Light’ on Friday 24th February 2023 and it packs a powerful punch with its blues rock-driven sound!

A project that was inspired by a shared interest in good old-fashioned rock and roll, Paul collaborated with Los Angeles-based Billy Moran, a songwriter, musician, and producer best known for his work with indie rock band, Louden Swain.

Talking about the song, they said “It’s about a close friend who is being exploited by a lover. They must make a difficult decision about whether to tell them or watch it play out. As the friend is already aware of your feelings for them, telling them might seem self-serving, but letting it play out may jeopardize trust.”

Billy and Paul share their stories of how they met and what it’s like to collaborate –

“Billy and I met on the music scene a long time ago on a tour in Europe. With Billy in the US and myself in the UK it wasn’t as easy to make music because we couldn’t just meet up and write or jam together but with the wonder of modern technology, recording at home, sending tracks and lyrics back and forth was rather straight forward. Working with a musician of Billy’s calibre is a lot of fun, inspiring and when we do sit down on either side of the pond, the creative sparks really fly, he really brings another level to the table, which is exciting! We’re great friends and we’re on the same page with a lot of things which makes the music process that much smoother.” – PAUL CARELLA

“Paul joined me and The Station Breaks on tour in Europe a few years back. The moment I heard Paul sing I was blown away, there was a texture to his voice that was just captivating. You could hear a pin drop from the audience during his performance. We’ve been friends ever since and our paths would frequently cross. One night while watching his set, I thought, how cool would it be to place that voice in a full band scenario? After jamming together at a festival in Germany we decided it’d be cool to explore a collaboration of sorts. We started sharing ideas back and forth and landed on a few tunes that we’re really excited about.” – BILLY MORAN