Kezia Gill releases an epic upbeat anthem ‘House On The Hill’

Kezia Gill has been working on her craft for more than 15 years, but her meteoric rise in the past year or two is attributed to a variety of factors, including sold-out tours, BBC Radio 2 support, multiple awards, and most recently, her single, “Whiskey Over Ice,” which topped the iTunes Country chart.

Kezia is known for bending genre boundaries. A storyteller who can’t be boxed in, she has successfully carved out her own lane where she is free to do so with her undeniable energy and signature vocals. A voice that is her biggest and most recognisable instrument which sounds right at home on the uplifting epic track ‘House On The Hill’.

As an artist, Kezia travels all over the world to perform. Although she collects many special memories along the way and experiences different cultures, it is always her hometown of Derby with her husband where she dreams of being. This song is an ode to the place she calls home, a house that is perched on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Derbyshire landscape. A song that is truly relatable – whether home to you is a place, a person or both.

“‘House On The Hill’ feels like one of the most honest songs I’ve written in a long time. Not trying to hit a brief, not trying to fit into any specific trend or genre, just honestly Kezia Gill. Like all my recent music, it has its own sound and place on my upcoming album, with a slightly more contemporary (dare I say) pop flavour. This song is one of my favourites, and the upbeat driving production of the music (Ben Haynes) sets the tone perfectly for the way I feel about where I grew up and where I now call home.”

‘House On The Hill’ has already become a favourite with those who have had a sneak preview and can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear it!

With the song writing ability of a Country Artist, the stage energy of a Rock Star, and the voice of the Blues – it is no surprise that Kezia Gill is often referred to as a powerhouse and why her new music transcends genre and takes her audience on an emotional journey with her as both a Singer/Songwriter and a Fierce Entertainer!