WEEKLY RELEASE – Southern Rock band Wood Burnt Red share a piece of themselves with “The Hills”

With the release of their third single ‘The Hills’, Southern Rock band Wood Burnt Red share a piece of themselves and shine the spotlight on their home. The song is out Friday 14th April!

With frontman Tom’s vocals, you can expect a rich blend of depth and power. Featuring big electric guitar riffs, driving bass and anthemic chorus, this huge song pays homage to their Sacred Ground – the Malvern Hills.

“We’re so excited and proud to be releasing “The Hills”. This song means so much as it’s about a piece of us – the Malvern Hills. It’s the place we each go to clear our heads, get inspiration, seek comfort, spend family time, or to just admire the breathtaking views. The Hills have helped us all, individually, in their own special ways, and we’re unbelievably lucky to call them home.” – Wood Burnt Red


Their Southern American look might fool some, but listen closer and you’ll hear that Wood Burnt Red are a UK country rock band like no other. With 3 of the band hailing from the Midlands UK, and 1 from Zimbabwe, the boys have each been playing music for over 15 years, but a pandemic saw all four of them unable to perform their art.

With nothing but his acoustic guitar, pen, paper, and some whiskey too, frontman and songwriter Tom Franklin spent his nights endlessly writing country songs, which led him to form the band in the summer of 2020. Ever since, Wood Burnt Red has been playing across the Midlands and South West, knocking dead crowds with their original writing and energetic performances in a show that leaves you wanting more.