John Jenkins releases follow up single “Christopher Roberts”

John will be releasing the follow up to the critically acclaimed “Fretsore Record” solo album “If You Can’t Forgive, You Can’t Love”, with a new solo album due out on 7th July 2023 called “Tuebrook”.

“Christopher Roberts” is the second release from this album and the follow up to the recently released song “Shadows.”

“This is an autobiographical song. When I was in junior school, Christopher Roberts was a school class friend I had. Being a catholic school and doing our 11 plus exam Everyone in our class ended up going to different senior schools. I never saw him again once we moved on and I often wonder how life treated him, did he marry, has he a family? I sometimes think that as over 50 years have passed, I could be sitting facing him in a pub or next to him at a bus stop and be totally unaware it is him. Incidentally the father and child recordings at the beginning of the song talking about school is actually me and my Dad from about 1964.”

“Christopher Roberts” is available now from all digital platforms.