EDITORS CHOICE: Robyn Red releases catchy new fictional song “Luke Jackson”

Award winning singer/songwriter Robyn Red will be releasing her next single “Luke Jackson” on 6th October 2023. This self penned FICTIONAL catchy country story has people stomping and clapping along.

This is about a lady meeting a tall, blue eyed man in a bar and falling in love with him. One year down the line she finds out that he has been married …more than a few times with lots of children and still he continues to cheat and lie to everyone about his relationships. The women get together and wait for him coming home from work one night to have their revenge. I’m sure this thought has crossed many a ladies mind when she finds out her partner hasn’t been true!

Robyn has had a very busy 2023 travelling up and down the country for gigs and festivals promoting her last 2 singles which reached No1 in the country charts “Like A Bullet” released in June 22 and crowd pleaser “When the Sun Sets” released in May 2023.