EDITORS CHOICE: Country music trailblazer Megan Lee is thrilled to announce her debut EP “Origin”

Country music trailblazer Megan Lee is thrilled to announce her debut EP, ‘Origin,’ releasing on November 3rd. This highly anticipated record showcases Megan’s remarkable talent and devotion to authentic country music. ‘Origin’ promises to be a fan favorite, featuring five beautifully crafted and uniquely styled tracks that delve into various country music subgenres.

The EP kicks off with the pre-released single, ‘Light of the Moon,’ an up-tempo, sassy song about pursuing dreams beyond a small town, all while avoiding the negativity of others’ ambitions. This track, produced by Stuart Landon, stands out with its distinctive Bluegrass sound, featuring banjo, mandolin, and dobro.

The second track, ‘Hey Danielle,’ is a standout ballad that highlights Megan’s tender and pure vocals. The song narrates a plea to a woman involved with the singer’s love interest, offering a counterargument to Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene.’ It’s a heartfelt track beautifully produced by Tom Wright.

‘Lost Boy,’ the third track and another pre-released single, captures a tex-mex feel with a traditional Western mid-tempo ballad. It explores the complexity and resilience of love, depicting the attraction between two incompatible people.

The penultimate track, ‘When You’re Gone,’ is an up-tempo rockabilly song with a bold narrative. It showcases a fiery side of Megan’s songwriting and features guitar virtuoso and producer Tom Wright. With its infectious beat and memorable melody, this song addresses a post-breakup situation with unapologetic fervor.

Closing the EP is a diverse country rock song with a strong gospel theme and styling titled ‘Church on a Sunday.’ It humorously addresses the hypocrisy among some Christians, highlighting how sins are conveniently forgiven by attending church on Sundays. The track features a choir composed of multiple takes of Tom and Megan’s vocals, a Hammond organ, and a scintillating guitar break, creating a powerful and dramatic conclusion to this impressive collection of well-written and superbly delivered songs.

Talking about the EP, Megan said “ā€˜Iā€™m thrilled to finally bring my debut EP ORIGIN to the world. I have carefully selected 5 songs that I believe are authentically me. Each song has its own identity, each song embraces traditional country music or one of its amazing sub genres. These songs are honest, outspoken and full of passion. Country music is notorious for its passionate, candid female singer songwriters, from Loretta Lynn to The Chicks. I hope to follow in their footsteps with fearless, uncensored narratives to my music. This EP gives the listener an understanding of who I am right now, in this moment, at the beginning of my journey, this is my Origin story!ā€

Artist Bio
Megan embarked on an incredible journey at the age of just 11 as the lead singer of her family band ‘Blue Genes’ whom she performed with for several years. Together, they thrilled audiences with their talent, releasing numerous singles and two remarkable EPs. Their debut EP, ‘Small Town’, burst onto the scene in December 2015, impressively reaching #19 on the prestigious UK County iTunes chart. However, this triumph was surpassed by their extraordinary 2018 EP release, ‘Named & Shamed’, which soared all the way to #1.

With boundless ambition and heartfelt determination, and encouragement from her parents – Megan decided to explore new horizons and embarked on a solo career as a singer-songwriter. She made her mark with the release of her debut track, ‘Humble your Heart’, which captivated listeners with its beauty and sincerity. Megan’s musical journey continued to flourish as she treated the world to ‘One More Time’ in 2021, a stunning testament to her ever-evolving artistry.

Maintaining a strong connection to her roots and heritage, Megan recently graced us with a single in her native Welsh language, ‘Y Nawr’. This incredible display of bilingual talent resonated deeply with her fans and showcased her extraordinary versatility. Megan’s talent knows no bounds, and she has had the privilege of performing at various UK festivals, including the renowned Buckle and Boots in Manchester. These memorable performances have further solidified her reputation as one to watch, a rising star on the UK Country and Americana scene! Catch Megan on a co-headline tour this November with Tom Wright throughout the UK!