EDITORS CHOICE: Tennessee Twin release captivating Americana gem “Apple Tree”

Americana enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a musical treat that’s about to sweep you off your feet. The dynamic duo, Tennessee Twin, are back with their latest masterpiece, “Apple Tree.” Known for their lush harmonies, compelling lyrics, and impeccable full-band production, they’ve not disappointed with this latest offering.

“Apple Tree” is a musical journey that transports listeners to the lazy, hazy days at the end of summer, painting a heart-warming picture of a life well lived alongside the one you love. The song is a reminder to treasure each day and appreciate those small, unplanned, and unassuming moments that often become the most cherished memories.

“Some of our most treasured moments as a couple have been simple ones. Sitting in a favourite spot, perhaps with a glass of something cool, and relaxing together in the evening sun,” shared Tennessee Twin. “We wrote ‘Apple Tree’ about one of those very special moments. We hope it will serve as a reminder that, when a rare moment of peace and happiness occurs, however that moment comes about, we should take time and treasure every single second.”

Geoff and Victoria’s captivating vocals are beautifully complemented by their talented band, featuring rich and warm guitars, bass, drums, organ, and percussion. What truly sets “Apple Tree” apart is the instrumental section, which boasts a unique and exquisite arrangement, incorporating both piano and pedal steel. The pedal steel guitar is skillfully played by the incomparable Sarah Jory, adding an extra layer of magic to the song.

Tennessee Twin has consistently delighted fans with their soul-stirring music, and “Apple Tree” is no exception. The song has all the elements that have made Tennessee Twin a beloved name in the Americana genre

The song is bound to be a delightful addition to Tennessee Twin’s ever-growing discography, leaving audiences yearning for more.