Welsh Country Blues Singer-Songwriter, Natalie Jones, Unveils Haunting New Single “Black Widow”

Welsh Country Blues Singer-Songwriter, Natalie Jones, Unveils Haunting New Single “Black Widow”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter, Natalie Jones, captivates audiences once again with the release of her highly anticipated new single, “Black Widow”. This mesmerising track, produced by Nashville’s own Tommy Harden, who previously collaborated with Natalie on her debut EP “Love n Stuff”, is available everywhere now.

“Black Widow” delves deep into the complexities of a past relationship, skilfully comparing the allure of a former lover to the captivating yet treacherous nature of a black widow spider. Natalie’s hauntingly powerful lyrics and soul-stirring vocals transport listeners into a world where magnetic attraction is followed by the agony of heartbreak and betrayal.

Vocals for “Black Widow” were recorded and the song was mixed and mastered at the renowned Sonic One studio in Llangennech, owned by the talented Tim Hamill, who also worked with Natalie on her debut EP. His expertise and attention to detail have once again helped bring out the raw emotions and depth of Natalie’s captivating performance.

As a master storyteller, Natalie’s ability to paint vivid pictures with her words shines through in “Black Widow”. With raw emotion and unwavering honesty, she unveils the dark and tangled web spun by the entangled emotions of desire and regret. “Black Widow” showcases Natalie’s exceptional musical talent, blending country, blues, and Americana influences into a captivating sonic experience. The song’s evocative melodies, accompanied by Natalie’s signature rhythmic guitar skills, create an atmosphere that is both haunting and irresistible.

Natalie Jones has been making waves in the music industry, winning over hearts with her soulful vocals and authentic storytelling. Her previous releases, including the acclaimed EP “Love n Stuff”, have garnered critical acclaim and gained recognition on various radio stations and streaming platforms.

With “Black Widow”, Natalie Jones solidifies her position as a rising star in the country blues genre, captivating audiences with her undeniable talent and poignant songwriting. The single is poised to resonate with listeners who have experienced the bittersweet journey of passionate love leading to heartache. Prepare to be spellbound by the raw emotions, enthralling melodies, and powerful lyrics that will leave an unmistakably positive impact.