EDITORS CHOICE: Lisa T Unveils Highly Anticipated Single “Easy to Love”

Lisa T is ready to start the new year with a bang with the release of her latest single, “Easy to Love” on January 12, 2024. The track, co-written by Lisa T and multi-award winning country artist Jade Helliwell, carries a poignant narrative that explores the complexities of early-stage relationships.

Lisa T shared, “‘Easy to Love’ represents a situation most of us have found ourselves in at some point. Those first few months of knowing someone when they only see the best parts of you, but there‚Äôs almost a lingering guilt that they will someday find out you are not all they think!”

The song captures the excitement and apprehension of the initial stages of a relationship. Lisa T elaborates, “I wanted this record to be upbeat and have an excitement to it to mirror the excitement you have in the early stages of a relationship. The verses represent this feeling, then the change in tone and power of the chorus represents that underlying fear of eventually being truly known by the other person.”

The production of “Easy to Love” was entrusted to The Dunwells, whose expertise added the perfect backdrop to the emotional depth of the lyrics. Lisa T expressed gratitude for the collaboration, stating, “Jade and I had so much fun writing this, and we came back to it a few months later to rewrite to ensure it captured everything we hoped. Then getting this song produced by The Dunwells really brought it to life in the exact way I was hoping for!”

“Easy to Love” will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

About Lisa T
Lisa T had become a driving force on the music scene since 2021, and continues to evolve and innovate. With number one hits such as Babydoll and What Am I Missin’ Lisa has garnered a dedicated fan base and live following which has seen sold out headline shows in both Manchester and London this year and notable festival appearances including taking to the stage at the iconic Glastonbury Festival in 2022!