Leanne Brumfitt release heartfelt single “Because of You”

North-West based, Country Singer-Songwriter Leanne Brumfitt broke onto the scene in early 2023 with her debut single ‘Work of Art’, which reached Number 2 in the iTunes Country charts. With her down to earth personality, and well talked about vocal range and tone, Leanne’s writing style uses thought provoking stories that are beautifully described taking influences from the likes of Patsy Cline and Carrie Underwood.

Leanne has since released a second single ‘Devil Behind Your Eyes’, along with performing a whole host of live shows and writing new material, with plans to release her first EP later in the year. Her latest single ‘Because of You’ will be released on 31 Twelve Records on Friday 19th January and will be available to download & stream on all major platforms.

“Because Of You was a song I wrote after losing my Nan. Writing for me is like therapy and I was having a day where I was thinking about all the things she won’t see now. It also brought back the memories with her and how I felt back then. My Nan raised me, and the song is basically saying that I am who I am because of her. Originally this song wasn’t on the list to be released, however that changed after the response I got last April after performing it live. The amount of people who said the words touched them and reminded them of their loved ones they have lost – I felt like I needed to release it. I wanted the song to have much more of a softer tone than the usual songs I write. I worked closely with my producer Tim to create a blend of soft yet dynamic tones which shaped the perfect Country/Soft-Rock Ballad and compliments the meaning behind the lyrics perfectly.”