EDITORS CHOICE: Heartfelt Reflections on Love and Loss: Wood Burnt Red Drops Soulful Single “The Other Side”

Wood Burnt Red, the dynamic Southern Rock band from the midlands making waves in the UK country scene, are tugging at the heartstrings with their latest single, “The Other Side”, a song of heartfelt reflections on love and loss.

A soul-stirring ballad, “The Other Side” is a reflection on unexpected goodbyes and the allure of what lies beyond. Penned by the collective genius of Tom Franklin, Russ Staples, Eddie Baldwin, Mike Mann, and Seb Bamford, and produced by Tim Prottey-Jones, the track delves into the universal experience of people walking away from a relationship when the other person least expects it, all for the illusion of greener pastures.

Lead singer, Tom Franklin, says “Well here it is… The heartbreak song from Wood Burnt Red! We wanted to write a song that represents something too many people would have been through, but also ask the question “what happens if it doesn’t work out?”. A side to the story we feel a lot of people haven’t touched on. This song is about being in a relationship where you’re happy, in love and thinking everything is hunky-dorey… to suddenly being blindsided, all alone, whilst they have left you for what they believe is something or someone better! But, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. However, when someone makes that choice, it’s up to you to stay strong and true to yourself and not let them back in to walk over you, all over again. It was a hard song to write, but feels like therapy to listen to.”

Hailing from Worcestershire, Wood Burnt Red is a five-piece southern country rock band, crafting a gritty and authentic sound that’s injected with soulful touch into their music, carving out their own identity in the UK country scene.

Drawing comparisons to the acclaimed Brother’s Osborne, Wood Burnt Red stands as the UK’s answer to the renowned country duo. The band’s distinct style and genuine storytelling capture the essence of country music while establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the genre.

Wood Burnt Red is thrilled to share their first heartbreak song with fans, and “The Other Side” will be available on major streaming platforms for listeners to resonate on Valentine’s week.

“The Other Side” is out NOW on all platforms!