EDITORS CHOICE: Morganway Shines Bright with New Single “Don’t Turn The Lights On Yet”

Immediately following their recent win at the British Country Music Association (BCMA) Awards for “Best Band,” Morganway are set to illuminate the music scene once again with their latest single “Don’t Turn The Lights On Yet” on Friday 29th March. The band’s second single of 2024 is drenched in Americana Rock vibes and showcases the lead singer SJ’s ethereal qualities akin to Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar & Janis Joplin.

Crafted during a break in their tour amidst the picturesque Scottish countryside, the genesis of ‘Don’t Turn The Lights On Yet’ emerged from a hazy moment of inspiration. Band member Nicole Terry reflects on the song’s inception, describing it as occurring early in the writing process for album 3. She recalls “We had a night off in a little house near a snowy forest in the middle of our Scottish tour. We had made the most of our night off, and we woke up snowed in and delirious and turns out it was the perfect time to write a song about how we never want the show to end. Sometimes it’s frustrating that people think being on tour is basically a dream holiday or like the movies, but that was one of the moments it really was”

Lead vocalist on the track SJ adds, “We were hungover in our onesies snowed in in Scotland on tour. Nicky started playing this riff and then I said right let’s write a song!…….and then ‘Don’t The Lights On Yet’ was born.”

Morganway’s music channels the spirit of the Woodstock era while injecting it with a vibrant, contemporary energy that is uniquely theirs. With soul-stirring harmonies and electrifying live performances, Morganway is poised to captivate audiences throughout the UK during their festival appearances, showcasing their latest musical masterpiece.

“We actually played it on our tour last year and the way it explodes into the choruses with all 6 of us in sync together really feels like it encapsulated the Morganway sound. The phrase ‘Don’t turn the lights on yet’ can mean many things but for me, it’s about how much we love gigging and we never want the show to end!” Kieran emphasises.

Mark your calendars as “Don’t Turn The Lights On Yet” is out now on Friday, March 29th, 2024.