Thomas Kavanagh releases second single “We Are History” from forthcoming EP

British Country Rocker Thomas Kavanagh has released his second single “We Are History” from his upcoming EP “Crossland”. Kavanagh had the privilege of producing, mixing, and mastering this track himself. The song holds a special place in his heart, as it encapsulates the aftermath of a profound breakup. Picture late nights filled with whispered promises—the illusion that they were “the one.” But now, clarity prevails. The chorus roars defiance: “Take your words and promises.” It’s a liberation anthem, raw and unyielding. Memories resurface, yet they’re stepping stones, not chains. We stumble, but we never surrender. “We Are History” celebrates resilience, healing, and the power to move forward.

Check out the latest single on all streaming platforms and the EP which is scheduled for release later this year.