EDITORS CHOICE: An Ode to the Unsung Heroes Behind the Bar, Wood Burnt Red Release New Single “Bartender”

UK-based southern country rock band Wood Burnt Red are excited to announce the release of their latest single, “Bartender” – set for release on 14 June, 2024. This upbeat and anthemic track is a heartfelt tribute to the often-overlooked, yet indispensable figures who serve as the community’s unofficial therapists – the bartenders.

The song delves into the bittersweet moments of heartache and the solace found in the company of a trusted barkeep. Known for their raw and relatable storytelling, Wood Burnt Red captures the essence of those quiet, profound moments when a bartender becomes more than just a server – they become the best therapist in town.

“The boys and I have all leant on that bar and poured our hearts out at one stage or another,” says the band. “Some of us have even tended those bars, so we can safely say the lyrics come from vast experience.”

The song is an anthem for anyone who has sought refuge in the warm, understanding presence of a bartender during tough times. While it touches on the struggles one faces during a breakup, “Bartender” is ultimately a homage to the heroes behind the bar who provide top-shelf advice and comfort without judgment.

Wood Burnt Red’s signature blend of southern country rock resonates throughout the track, delivering powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics that are sure to strike a chord with listeners. The band’s authentic sound and genuine narrative promise to make “Bartender” a standout addition to their discography.

Recently, Wood Burnt Red played an explosive set on the main stage at the Buckle and Boots festival, electrifying the crowd with their energetic performance. Fans can look forward to catching them live at The Black Deer festival in June, ahead of a string of other UK festivals throughout the summer.

Wood Burnt Red emerges as the UK’s response to the celebrated Brother’s Osborne, drawing parallels with their acclaimed style. With a unique flair and authentic narrative, the band encapsulates the spirit of country music, firmly establishing their presence as formidable contenders in the genre.