Helena Mace

Helena Mace will release brand new album ‘Unbroken’.

Unbroken is an album about love, heartache, troubles in life and coming through the other side. The album is about relatable experiences that Helena and others have gone through in life as well as her own battles with her brain tumour. The album boasts 4 top 10 hits from the UK country ITunes charts as well as a stripped back ballad of the title track and a live acoustic recording with just Helena and her guitar amongst others. Helena worked with 2 fantastic producers on this album, Nine Yards music and Hangover Hill recording studios, both in Dorset.

The album is available on CD and will be released on worldwide download on the 21st August 2020 and pre order on the 10th.

Track listing

Hometown (UK top 10 by Helena Mace, Matt Black production)

1. Hometown (UK top 10 by Helena Mace, Matt Black production)
2. I’ll never let you down (Mace, Snowden, Withers at Nine Yards music)
3. This time  (Mace, Snowden, Withers)
4. Save it for another day (No. 3 UK chart, Helena Mace, production Matt Black)
5. Come on Home (Mace, production Matt Black)
6. Unbroken (Mace, production Matt Black)
7. As the Sun Sets (live recording written by Helena Mace, vocals and guitar by Helena, Matt Black production)
8. Runaround (Top 10, Mace, Snowden and Withers)
9. Take me away (Top 10, Mace, Snowden and Withers)
10. Tangled up (Mace, Snowden and Withers)
11. Unbroken Piano version (Mace, Keys Matt Black)


Website: helenamace.com

Facebook: @helenamaceuksingersongwriter

Twitter: @HelenaMace

Instagram: @helenamace_official


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