Harriet Rose Country Release Friday

Harriet Rose Releases Debut Single ‘Small Town Chains’

The BCMA has teamed up with national promoter MAM Roots to spotlight a new release from an upcoming artist each week. We’re excited to announce that our Country Release Friday artist this week is Harriet Rose with her debut single ‘Small Town Chains’. ‘Small Town Chains’ is available now to buy or stream on all major platforms and you can catch an exclusive Q&A with Harriet on @mam_roots IGTV from 2pm today.

About the song, Harriet explains,

“I wrote this song during lockdown when I really had no choice other than to stay in my home town. As much as I love it, as it raised me, since being young I feel I have always had a mark against my name due to the place I was born. The town is old fashioned with outdated views which are often amplified in the news. Even throughout my education I was told not to aim too high as I probably wouldn’t achieve it and music isn’t a real career. This song is me choosing to be different, making something of myself and getting out before it’s too late.

“I recorded the track with my good friend Pete at Flatwave Music. I took the song into the studio and we worked out everything I wanted in it from start to finish. I really enjoyed the experience, it was incredibly rewarding to hear it come to life and know that I was involved every step of the way. I was also really fortunate to get two of my friends (and also incredibly talented musicians in their own right,) Danny Smart and Tom Jane to play on the song.”

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Harriet Rose Country Release Friday



UK born singer/songwriter Harriet Rose, is a small town girl with big dreams. Gigging since the age of 12, Harriet’s music and performances have been highly acclaimed everywhere and she is well known for her ability to draw the audience in and have them hang onto every word.

The multi-instrumentalist prides herself on offering a unique Country sound with a blend of powerhouse vocals and catchy guitar hooks. Harriet’s songs are always inspired by her own life; the trips and tumbles that make for honest and relatable lyrics, rare for someone so young, who seems wiser than their years. She describes her own music as “Sass, flares and a little bit of heartache.”

2019 was a busy year for Harriet. She performed over 130 gigs and organised a 30-date tour entirely by herself. Labelled by some as a ‘360 artist’, in addition to the songwriting Harriet takes responsibility for all aspects of her career. Her determination to succeed is evident in the effort and passion she pours into her artistry, which goes unmatched.

Within the last year, Harriet has made a name for herself in the Country scene, being nominated for awards and supporting established artists. Her highly anticipated debut single will be followed by an EP.

During the lockdown period, Harriet remained busy performing over 30 live streams as well was taking part in podcasts and interviews.

Harriet Rose Small Town Chains



Website: harrietrosemusic.com

Facebook: @HarrietRoseMusic

Instagram: @harrietrosemusic

Twitter: @HarrietRose_


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