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The Rising Releases New Single ‘Better Than This’

We’ve teamed up with national promoter MAM Roots to spotlight a new release from an upcoming artist each week. We’re delighted to announce that our Country Release Friday pick this week is The Rising. The duo’s new single ‘Better Than This’ is available now to buy or stream on all major platforms and check out their live performance of the track on @mam_roots IGTV at 1pm today.

About the new single The Rising told us,

“‘Better Than This’ is an uplifting story which deals with the theme that no matter how hard things seem, they can always get better. Likewise, not everybody’s life follows a schedule. Everyone has their own timeline and we shouldn’t feel any pressure to conform by putting ourselves in debt just to keep up with our peers.”

It follows the two central characters. One, is a singer songwriter who is struggling hard playing in all the dive bars She can to make a go at being a successful musician. But no matter how hard She tries She just can’t seem to make any progress.

The second character a successful business Man who ends up loosing everything because they squandered all their money playing a game of keeping-up-with-the-Jones’. So they are forced to get a new job to rebuild everything. As the two characters continue on with their journeys they cross paths in the middle and realise that no matter how hard things seem at the moment things will get things will get better. They just have to keep working on their dreams.

“The song is semi-autobiographical. Growing up we were both told that music is not a realistic career and we will need to get a ‘real job’. Especially by teachers and careers advisors. Whilst, there may be some truth in this, especially in the current climate where our main revenue stream was pulled away from under our feet due to the worldwide pandemic. But within the darkness we must have faith in our dreams and push through, knowing that things will indeed get better.

We would like to think that the song will carry a universal message for everyone, especially at the moment where many people are losing their jobs. “

‘Better Than This’ was recorded during lockdown in the band’s own recording studio Renegade Studios and also remote recording in Nashville, TN with drummer Chris Brush.

“As a Duo we are very hands-on and take great pride in the fact that we are completely DIY artists. Not only do we write and perform our own music. But, we also record, produce and mix every release. 

“Typically, the recording process for us starts at the writing stage. We tend to record the initial idea in the studio and build it up piece by piece. This allows us to grow the track organically and let the song take its own course. Usually, this means starting with a drum machine, an acoustic guitar and a vocal. From this, we will message the song into a full arrangement, moving bits around until they fit together. The track was then sent to Chris Brush in Nashville who put the drum parts on the song based upon the drum machine guide we sent him. Once the drums are sent back we then begin fleshing out the song, adding various layers of sound to build a final production. Besides the Drums all instruments are performed by us.” 


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Northern Irish (Based In Leamington) Duo The Rising are best described as blending the fresh-faced sounds of today’s Pop/Rock with Modern Country Pop Stylings fresh from Nashville. Proud to be DIY artists the band embrace and enjoy having full creative control over their music.

Having received support from the likes of BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio London, Country Hits Radio, Guitarist Magazine, Maverick Magazine, Hot Press Magazine.

Constant touring across Ireland, UK and Europe has allowed the band to build up a healthy fanbase as well as perform at prestigious events such as Country 2 Country Festival in London’s 02.

They have recently released their second album “Moving On” which received great critical acclaim across national and regional media. Including publications in the USA featuring the band. Most notably US Country Bible The Boot. This constant work ethic resulted in the band being named Band Of The Month on BBC Introducing.

One of the band’s singles “Even The Stars Fall For You” was adopted by LGBTQ rights organisations.


The Rising Country Release Friday




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