Máiréad Country Release Friday Crying on the Dancefloor

‘Crying on the Dancefloor’, the new single from Máiréad

We’re delighted to have chosen Máiréad as our Country Release Friday artist this week with MAM Roots. Máiréad’s new single ‘Crying on the Dancefloor’ is available now to buy or stream on all major platforms. Tune into @mam_roots IGTV from 1pm today to watch an exclusive live performance.

‘Crying on the Dancefloor’ tells the story of that very first heartbreak and describes a heart wrenching moment where the person in the story watches their first love on the dance floor, kissing someone else.

About the track, Máiréad revealed, “when we were writing and producing this track, we sat down and talked about different times that we’d both had our hearts broken or our friends had their hearts broken and we were inspired by that. We talked about times we’d been double crossed or fooled by someone and brought those experiences to our writing. I feel we’ve all been there at one point in time and experienced some kind of heartbreak – we’ve maybe been fooled by someone or been in denial about a relationship while we’ve really known deep down that this person wasn’t right for us. 

“We wanted to keep the track really modern and infuse that ‘dance floor’ feel, whilst still staying true to my country roots. I think we’ve really achieved that with this track. There’s some fantastic instrumentation from amazing musicians and I hope that you love it as much as I do.”

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Máiréad Country Release Friday Crying on the Dancefloor


Máiréad has been described as one of the brightest stars on the UK country scene. Born and raised in County Tyrone, country music has been in Máiréad’s blood since she was born. With an incredible and unique voice, honed from singing up and down the length of Ireland from the age of 7, the now London based singer has captured the hearts of many loyal fans, earning comparisons to US country stars such as Leann Rimes and Faith Hill.

Her last release, ‘If you loved me once’ a duet with Irish country star Johnny Brady, quickly amassed 60,000 streams on Spotify alone, earning a spot on the ‘New Music Nashville’ Spotify playlist and gaining national radio play in England and Northern Ireland including Country Hits UK, Chris Country, Downtown Country and Downtown Radio NI.

Máiréad is excited to release her brand new single ‘Crying on the Dancefloor’ into the world. This track is a super modern country – pop track, co-written and produced by London based producer Kaity Rae.



Website: www.maireadmusic.net

Facebook: @maireadmusic

Instagram: @maireadmusic

Twitter: @musicmairead


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