Emilia Quinn + FINOLA, Games - Country Release Friday

Emilia Quinn teams up with FINOLA for new single ‘Games’

We’re delighted that feisty UK country artist Emilia Quinn is our Country Release Friday pick this week with MAM Roots with her bold new single. Games was Emilia’s first co-write which took place with featuring artist FINOLA in March 2020. The pair met at a Whiskey Kisses show and bonded over their love of writing emotional and meaningful music. It’s available now from all digital platforms and an exclusive live performance will be available to watch via @mam_roots IGTV from 8pm today.

The new track was inspired by shared experiences of both Emilia and FINOLA being played by those who thought they could get the best of them but then dropped them the next minute, with no repercussions.

About Games, Emilia shared, “I’m sure we can all describe a time where people come into our lives for the fun but can’t handle the bad. It is these people who usually come crawling back after they’ve seen you flourish and thrive. ‘You’re keeping tabs, you hate to see me rise…When you do I’ll get a text saying ‘thought I’d just say hi’’. Games’ is about leaving their chapter closed and moving forwards to enjoy your own life without their negative energies getting in the way. We all have a few people we’ve ended up better off without.”

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Emilia Quinn grew up around music, taking inspiration from anywhere and anything. Having explored the blues and rock scene by performing in bands, Emilia found her feet in roots and country music, following her own path, and creating music close to her heart. Following the release of her debut EP ‘Wrote Off’ and single ‘Mistakes’, Emilia’s confidence grew and she began building a fan-base internationally, proving that her music could break boundaries. 

During lockdown, Emilia flew the flag for women everywhere on International Women’s Day 2021 with the release of ‘Girl Talk’ (#3 in the iTunes UK Country Singles chart) and its corresponding video featuring 30+ women and performers in total. Emilia is not only in it for herself, she’s one for supporting others including her peers and charities such as Girls Rock London, all proceeds of which are being donated. 

Emilia’s wide influences and knowledge of multiple instruments allows her to write in a very personal and identifiable way. She draws inspiration from her life experiences and lives through her songs, in an effort to make a personal connection with her audience through raw emotion.

Emilia’s main goal in her career is to connect with as many people as she can by sharing her music and stories held within her lyrics. She is a dedicated and feisty artist, and definitely one to watch!


Emilia Quinn + FINOLA, Games - Country Release Friday


Connect with Emilia Quinn

Website: emiliaquinnmusic.com

Facebook: @emiliaquinnmusic

Instagram: @emiliaquinnmusic

Twitter: @EmiliaQMusic


Connect with FINOLA

Facebook: @finolamusic

Instagram: @finolamusic



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