Emma Moore - Husbands Or Kids

UK Country Powerhouse Emma Moore Releases ‘Husbands Or Kids’

Emma Moore has released a brand new single ‘Husbands or Kids’. The song centres around knowing your worth, knowing what you want (or at least what you don’t) and having the patience to wait for it to come around. Produced and mastered in Nashville, TN, the track combines traditional Country music sounds with Rock n Roll, and those signature silky vocals.

Talking of the track, Emma revealed: Sometimes as writers we can be drawn much more to the melancholy and reflective songs or ideas, where we think and feel deeply and poetically. I have to admit that’s where I feel the most comfortable when writing, but sometimes, even in moments of despair, you just have to laugh – and that’s where this track sits.”

The search for love is about as universal as you can get, and stumbling along that journey is almost as common, but when I wrote this song a few years back I felt like I was trapped in a bad rom-com. Not as the gorgeous and funny lead character that found her charming forever love, oh no. I was very much in the comedic sidekick role, visible only to the worst choices, and where my only choice was to laugh about it.”



Emma Moore brings ALL the fire you’d expect from a Redhead, but don’t get too comfortable at one of her shows and has released a brand new single ‘Husbands Or Kids’. On first listen you could say Moore’s powerful vocals are her standout feature, but her real superpower is how she makes the listener feel when listening to her songs. 

Since her debut album ‘Pilot’ was released in 2016, her trademark honesty and alternative views on life have only grown stronger. Her 2018 release ‘Good Girl’ was played for 8 consecutive weeks on BBC Introducing, garnered over 30,000 streams on Apple Music and led to Moore and her band being invited to play Bob Harris’ Under The Apple Tree stage at the inaugural Long Road Festival that year. 




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