Emma Reeves

Emma Reeves  Releases Sleepwalking.

Sleepwalking will be Emma Reeves second single, telling a personal story of how the pain of one heartbreak does not have to last forever, there is always a second chance with someone else.


Emma Reeves is a new country artist living in Los Angeles, California. Born in the UK, she grew up with a heart that could only ever be captured by the USA. “Riding horses and milking cows in rural England, I definitely had a slightly different brand to traditional US ‘country’ growing up, but my heart was still the same; all I ever wanted was to live on a ranch and sit on the porch with a guitar”.

From as early as she can remember, music has been a part of her, from singing in groups and playing guitar during middle and high school, to majoring in music later for college. She started writing songs in her late teens, and has always written music because “it’s the only tangible way to fully express the depth that are my feelings. The stories I can tell in a song are the best way to truly emphasize an emotion… with a great melody and meaningful lyrics, what more do you need?”


Website: emmareevesmusic.com

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