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Essex County Shares Valentine’s Version of ‘For You’

Valentine’s Day is about hearts and flowers, but love is action and British country trio Essex County embraces the concept in their new single ‘For You’, available now.

Written by Andrew Dorff and Josh Osborne, the song extols the virtues of true love with lyrics including, “Follow your own heart| Pray on your own stars| I love you for you.”

The song felt personal to the band’s singer Nate Bass who has been with his girlfriend since they were children.

“She mispronounced a word, and it was so cute,” said Nate Bass, who along with his brothers Mark and Kieran Bass, comprise the trio. “I was done for. I kept going by her house to see her, and her gran would put me to work in the attic.”

As adults, the brothers know that love comes in many different forms. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people had to be intentional to maintain relationships. Zoom calls replaced family gatherings, neighbours became socially distant friends and pets became an even larger companionship staple. In a new video for ‘For You’ which was released on Feb. 14, Essex County celebrate all of the creative ways people continue to stay connected.

Essex County did a call to action on their social media pages and asked fans to submit photos and videos of them spending time with the people they loved. The videos were sewn into a highly personal music clip that showcases the trio, their family and their fans living and loving life over the last 12 months.

“The video just captures your heart,” Mark Bass said. “We watch it and realize that 2020 was much more than a pandemic – it was time with our friends and family that we wouldn’t have had.”


‘For You’ for Music Health Alliance

Taking love in action a step further, Essex County will donate a portion of the proceeds from “For You” to Music Health Alliance. The organisation, a non-profit that provides the U.S. music industry with free healthcare advocacy and support through access to health insurance, medical testing, mental health resources, medications and more, was challenged in 2020, first by a catastrophic tornado and then by the COVID-19 pandemic. Music Health Alliance is personal to the brothers who have received emergency health care assistance from the group.

“We thought this was a brilliant opportunity to give back to the people who stood in the gap for us when we had no one else,” Kieran Bass said. “Hearts and flowers are nice. But, people showing up when you need them is priceless. They were love in action for us, and we just want to say, ‘Thank you.’”



Soaring melodies, irreverent guitars and searing family harmony form the heartbeat of British brother country trio Essex County. Comprised of Nate, Mark and Kieran Bass, the band launched in March of 2020 with their hard-driving, reflective mid-tempo “So Good.” Country fans and streaming services quickly embraced the group, and its debut song crossed 1 million streams eight weeks later. Essex County’s video for the song was in the Top 12 on CMT for 12 weeks. The trio’s debut EP, also called “So Good,” was released in June and became the first to also launch as a video EP on CMT with four new videos in simultaneous rotation. The video for the group’s second single “Love at First” debuted on MTV, and members’ inventive cover of “Last Christmas” accumulated more than 800,000 streams in December. Essex County capped 2020 – nine months after the trio launched – with 3.5 million streams. The brothers are currently songwriting and song-searching for new music in 2021, effectively setting the stage for country music’s first British invasion.




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Photo credit: Taylor Kelly


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