Emilia Quinn Country Release Friday

‘Firecracker’ Brand New EP From Emilia Quinn

The BCMA has teamed up with national promoter MAM Roots to spotlight a new release from an upcoming artist each week. We’re delighted to announce that our Country Release Friday artist this week is Emilia Quinn. Emilia’s new EP Firecracker is available now to buy or stream on all major platforms and you can catch an exclusive performance on @mam_roots IGTV at 2pm today.

About Firecracker Emilia said:

“The Firecracker EP is a bit of a special one as the majority was recorded during lockdown. Luckily we managed to get into the studio in January with Steve Matthews, however the rest was recorded at my home and the homes of the musicians involved!

“The studio I used was the same studio my debut EP Wrote Off was recorded in, Bigsmoke in London. I also carried on with my same producer Arjun. He’s always picked up on my vision and we really vibe on records, which makes the whole process an absolute pleasure! Due to the distanced nature of the recording it was a little more complicated than usual but Ben Pike and Mike Addy smashed their parts on guitar & pedalsteel, and bass. It really brought the whole EP to life and the production made it sound so much more awesome than I could have ever dreamed. I am so so proud to be sharing it with the world.

“I think my favourite track is probably ‘Outlaw’, although ‘Nothing To Lose’ comes a close second! Outlaw is an anthem-type song about maintaining independence, while searching for a ‘kindred soul’ to compliment rather than complete. It features gang vocals from William Hope, Becky Lawrence, Tommy Taylor, Stuart Landon, Rob Lewis, Danny Coffill-Brown, Louise Parker, Shannon Hynes, Luke Williams, Micheal Addy and John W Doyle, which made me feel like I had so many great and talented friends taking part in my little project and very loved!

“‘Nothing To Lose’ features a lot of metaphors. The inspiration behind the song is dealing with bad body image and working with disordered eating. It reflects the feeling of letting something superficial like numbers on a scale define how you live and how it isn’t a healthy or long-term solution to being unhappy within yourself. I am lucky to have good people around me who support me when I’m not feeling totally myself and one of those people actually gave me the name for the record.

“Firecracker was named after Tania of Hen House Presents called me a firecracker due to my sass and fiery attitude in my songwriting. I loved the name and it really summed up the 4 songs featured on this EP so it just made sense!”

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Emilia Quinn Country Release Friday



Alt. Country / Americana with a gritty twist, Emilia Quinn has been described as a firecracker, breaking the mould of modern Americana music by bringing her own unique tone. With powerhouse vocals her songs tell stories while blowing audiences away with musical skill. Spanning from badass anthems to heart-felt ballads, Emilia reaches deep into her soul and presents it with astonishing honesty on stage.



Website: emiliaquinnmusic.com

Facebook: @emiliaquinnmusic

Instagram: @emiliaquinnmusic


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