Sugartown Slim

Introducing Sugartown Slim

Sugartown Slim is a modern Country Rock duo hailing from the South of England. Seasoned musicians Windy Mills and Billy Giddings provide a uniquely British take on Country music while paying homage to contemporary flavours of the genre. Windy’s dynamic vocal, acoustic guitar & harmonica are supported by Billy’s additional instrumentation, arrangement and production.

Their collaboration has produced a catalogue of original songs that the boys plan to release throughout 2021, culminating in an album release later in the year. Their new single ‘Top Of The World’ is the first official release from the duo which they released last month.

“It’s an up-beat, fun song written following our unexpected number 1 position on the KB Radio Canadian Country Chart with a song we informally released last year! We’re really excited for the coming year and are thrilled with and grateful for the reaction we’ve received so far!” They revealed/

Looking ahead, Windy & Billy are busy in their respective studios. They have already provided idents for several radio stations and are writing and recording more songs for their planned album, ‘Wasp-coloured Carpet’.

“A friend of ours and her Husband were in a room that had a brown and orange carpet. The Husband was bothered by a wasp buzzing too close to him and to his Wife’s irritation, cruelly swatted the insect to the floor. He later rose from the couch only to tread on the camouflaged wasp with its sting intact and fully functioning! It was the glee with which our friend recounted the tale that we particularly enjoyed!”




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