Joe Martin Country Release Friday

Joe Martin Releases New Single ‘Heartbreak Cult’

The BCMA has teamed up with national promoter MAM Roots to spotlight a new release from an upcoming artist each week. We’re delighted to announce that our Country Release Friday artist this week is Joe Martin. Joe’s new single Heartbreak Cult is available now to buy or stream on all major platforms and you can catch an exclusive premiere of the lyric video on @mam_roots IGTV at 2pm today.

Heartbreak Cult comes as the first in a collection of songs Joe recorded at Limefield Studios at the beginning of 2020, with instrumental backing from the Chorlton Country Club. Joe’s lyrics tackle the frustrations felt towards an ex who would rather hide away than face the realities of a breakup.

On the story of Heartbreak Cult he explains:

“When I came to write the song, I just had the first line ‘she turned my vinyl into ashtrays but she don’t even smoke…’ I wondered what it could mean. It’s only when I thought of the line ‘heartbreak cult’ that the whole story of the song fell into place. 

“The idea of breaking up with someone who really doesn’t take it well and does some crazy things. I think we can all relate to a situation like that, or know someone who has dealt with that. We’ve also probably all been tempted into the ‘cult of heartbreak’ at some point in our lives ” 


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Joe Martin Country Release Friday



Joe Martin writes with a quality of empathy beyond his years. His observational songwriting captures the stories of people and encounters picked up on the road. His tales of friends and strangers intertwine seamlessly with his personal emotion for masterfully crafted songs that paint a picture with every verse. The magic of his live performance lies in his ability to connect a room of people with the emotions of a life they have not themselves lived.




Facebook: @joemartinmusic

Instagram: @joemartinmusic


Joe Martin Heartbreak Cult


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