Kelsey Bovey, Vinyl - Country Release Friday

Kelsey Bovey Unveils New Single ‘Vinyl’

The newly crowned ISSA “International Female Songwriter of The Year” is back with her brand new single Vinyl and we’re delighted to feature the track as our Country Release Friday pick with MAM Roots. Vinyl is a classic Country/Pop anthem that encompasses Kelsey’s best traits as vocalist and as a writer. A soaring chorus, accompanied by intelligent songwriting allows the listener an insight into a love story that sees Kelsey outline that person that just keeps spinning round and round in her head.

This track was recorded and produced at the award winning Puzzle Maker Studios and like her last EP, written entirely by Kelsey herself.

With a tour booked for the USA next year, and with a newly signed publishing deal under her belt, this song certainly sees Kelsey set her sights across the pond ready for her music (influenced by modern Nashville Production and songwriting) to be taken to the next level.

Discussing the new single Kelsey reveals, “I’m a sucker for love songs so this felt appropriate. I’ve thought about using the concept of a Vinyl as a metaphor for love for a while and I am so glad that it’s finally come to fruition. If you have someone spinning round in your head like a Vinyl, this ones for you!

“This song felt like a super organic process. I wanted to make this one clever lyrically whilst still having my upbeat Country/Pop sound as an integral part of what the listener was going to hear. I was listening to lots of Gabby Barrett and Maren Morris at the time, so their work was definitely a huge influence in terms of how I wanted the song to be delivered in the studio.”

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Kelsey Bovey is a UK Country-Pop artist who aspires to make music that will empower the lives of young people. Kelsey prides herself on writing heartfelt and honest heartfelt and honest lyrical content that is combined with a youthful, yet uplifting and captivating vocal delivery and encompassed within an eclectic mix of pop-infused country production.

Kelsey debut EP ‘It’s my time’ was released in July 2019 and includes the debut single ‘Define Me’ which reached #29 in the UK iTunes singer-songwriter chart. The focus of this release was to address topics that Kelsey felt were relevant in todays society to provide a personal level of authenticity. Since this release, Kelsey has recognised for her undeniable song writing ability and vocal talent. Kelsey has been described by numerous press as ‘one to watch’ and has been nominated for three Fair Play Country Music Awards that take place in The Netherland in late 2020 and has been nominated for uk country female vocalist of the year 2020 at the uk country music awards.

Kelsey second EP ‘Not Scared Anymore’ was released in June 2020 and reached #1 in the UK Country iTunes Chart. The EP features the #2 UK Country iTunes single ‘Magnetic’ and showcases Kelsey’s development as an artist. Likened to early-era Taylor Swift and Catherine McGrath, her latest release has been extraordinarily received by her followers, independent and national radio, including Chris Country and Country Hits UK. Kelsey aims to continue producing relatable, modern country anthems and ballads that will be welcomed by a range of audiences.


Kelsey Bovey, Vinyl - Country Release Friday




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