Olivia Lane Living Instead

‘Living Instead’ New Single From Olivia Lane Out Now


Following her UK tour dates earlier in the year and recent appearances on BBC Scotland’s Quay Sessions, and Music Life on the BBC World Service along with Kane Brown & Holly Macve, Texas-born, Nashville-based independent artist Olivia Lane returns with her new single Living Instead.

Describing the single, Lane said: “This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. The last few years I decided to dive into self awareness and self growth. I started going to therapy and did a lot of healing during that time. One day in particular I had a breakthrough where I realized how mean I was being to myself and I was done with it.

I opened my phone and recorded the melody and words of the chorus. The idea felt so close to home and personal that I had to write it ASAP that week with my co-writers Skip Black and Lance Carpenter. They got the idea right away. I think we all struggle with getting too much in our own heads. This song is very universal in a sense that I think we all struggle and strive for that inner peace in our heads, hearts and our lives. I’m not always good at it, but I try not to live in my head so much with the over-analyzing and overly critical part of me.”




Since leaving her hometown of Houston at 16 years old, country self-starter Olivia Lane has charted her own course toward success. She’s not just an acclaimed singer/songwriter; she’s a pioneering businesswoman, too, operating her own publishing company (Liv Write Play Music) and record label while releasing hit songs like You Got Me, Hey 3AM, and You Part 2. Mixing the melody-driven hooks of pop music with the innovative sounds of modern country music, she creates music that’s personal one moment and universal the next, highlighting the challenges and successes that bring us all together.

After appearing on the hit NBC show Songland (Sept. 2019) — where her magnetic performance of Perfect Skin catapulted her career forward, paving the way for international tours and critical kudos from the likes of Billboard and Rolling Stone — Lane preaches the values of positivity, mindfulness, and seize-the-day mentality with her newest single, Living Instead.


Olivia Lane (Credit_ Austin Hargrave)



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