Lucy Blu Bonnie & Clyde

Lucy Blu has a brand new single ‘Bonnie & Clyde’

Bonnie & Clyde’ is the brand new single from Country Rock powerhouse Lucy Blu.  

Back with a new sound & a new hair colour, the UK artist is poised to pick up exactly where she left off with her 2019 releases and continue taking the UK  independent music scene by storm.  

‘Bonnie & Clyde’ is – at it’s heart – a love song, injected with Lucy’s gutsy, fun,  and cheeky spirit that can be found in many of her tracks. The result is a rootsy, passionate song, referencing some of the worlds most iconic  couples and celebrating the intensity and fire that comes with being in love.  

With Lucy’s commercial, soulful vocals sat atop classic Country  instrumentation, this is one that is sure to delight fans of both new and old  Country music.  

‘Bonnie & Clyde’ marks the start of a six single release campaign and will  usher in a new era for Lucy Blu that will have everybody sitting up and  paying attention. 





Written by – Lucy Blu  

Produced by – Alex Maile  

Drums – Ollie Harding  

Pedal steel – Joe Smith  

Fiddle – Ellie Consta



“The UK’s answer to Linda Ronstadt”

Poised for an explosion back into a post-Covid music scene is British  Country Rock/Pop artist Lucy Blu. Her string of independent releases in  2019 transpired into 12 solid months of one of the fastest upward  trajectories the UK Country scene has ever witnessed.

With sold out London shows, iTunes chart-toppers, HMV distribution,  national and international radio play, and slots at major festivals  including Dixie Fields and The Long Road, it’s easy to see why Lucy Blu is  dubbed one of the most exciting breakthrough artists in recent times.

Lucy’s rootsy, soulful vocals sat atop punchy, commercial backing, has  seen the songstress compared to the likes of Katy Perry, Cam and Kacey  Musgraves, while her ability to effortlessly blend the old with the new  has crowned her “the UK’s answer to Linda Ronstadt.”

The remainder of 2020 will see Lucy Blu changing gear, with exciting new  music and fresh live shows, proving once and for all that she really has  ‘Only Just Begun!’


Lucy Blu Bonnie & Clyde




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