Country Release Friday Martha - Oh Boy

Martha Releases New Single ‘Oh Boy’

We’re delighted to have chosen Martha as our Country Release Friday pick with MAM Roots this week. Martha’s gorgeous new single ‘Oh Boy’ is available now to buy or stream on all major platforms. Tune into @mam_roots IGTV from 2pm today for an exclusive live video.

Martha finds it amusing seeing how far the song has come, for she originally wrote the song for a different artist joining Puzzle Maker Studios (the Bristol based studio where she records her music.) By chance, she decided to load a tiny, stripped-back snippet of the song to her Instagram and within a day, the video had reached 1.5k views! It was at this point Martha realised the song was something special and decided to keep it for her own personal release.

The inspiration for this song was the rise of trending tiktok heartbreak pop music. Martha saw the need for relatable lyrics, helping teenagers heal their fractured feelings due to long distance relationships falling through during the pandemic, as she herself personally experienced once the song was completed.

She says ‘It’s times like this people rely on music as a coping mechanism and I wanted to deliver something that could fulfil this exact purpose for my listeners.’

Recording during a pandemic was no small feat either, as the song and following EP very nearly sat unfinished due to restrictions. But thanks to social distancing, masks, and the government allowing recording studios to stay open, Martha and the team at Puzzle Maker Studios could complete the upcoming releases in record time before the current lockdown commenced.

Talking about her upcoming EP she revealed, ‘The following EP showcases my growth as a young musician. Everything from my writing to my vocals has developed! The EP is a conceptual EP, taking you behind the scenes of a dramatic, broken relationship. Every song is completely different and ‘Oh Boy’ will definitely be the track that pulls you in for more. I am beyond proud of what I have managed to achieve with the upcoming EP, especially under the worlds current circumstances.’

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Martha Oh Boy



Martha, has been plucking at the heart strings of her listeners since the age of 13 with her emotive, story telling lyrics and melodies.

Martha first discovered her love for music when she was challenged to deliver her first solo to the many faces of a church congregation at 9 years old. However, it wasn’t until her early teens that she discovered her passion for listening to and creating music within the realm of indie acoustic pop.

Martha has come a long way from being the little girl singing at the top of her lungs in church. Throughout the duration of COVID, Martha managed to chart at no.1 in the Uk singer/songwriter iTunes chart with her debut single ‘Her Name’s December’ followed by her debut EP ‘Lunar Eyes’ which also had great charting success reaching no.2! On top of this, Martha has also had numerous radio plays from various radio stations including BBC introducing. Martha looks forward to her upcoming releases with her ever growing following and success.



Facebook: @marthamusicuk

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Twitter: @marthamusicuk


Country Release Friday Martha - Oh Boy


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