Molly is thrilled to announce a brand-new, upcoming release due on November 30th on all streaming platforms, download and on CD.

Autumn Leaves’ is Molly’s latest project, a ‘live & acoustic’ exclusive, short album, displaying five of her newest tracks and inspired by the changing energies and slowing down into Winter. A time of rest, relaxation and restoration, Autumn Leaves reflects a gentler sound, raw and acoustic – with a focus on lyricism.

“Five brand-new, unheard tracks from Molly-Anne compiled on a raw ‘live & acoustic’ album. Stunning and hauntingly beautiful, this newest work captures the soft and earthy tones of Molly’s voice in a dreamy, live singer-songwriter format. Prepare for an intimate concert with the artist herself and just you in the audience.

“A work of honesty, soul and depth with spirited lyricism and stunning musicianship, Molly’s newest work is a stripped-back and raw study into her heart. Folky, moving and full of soul, this album is a much gentler addition to Molly’s discography, inspired by the singer’s unwavering admiration of the natural world, love stories and a deep longing of the heart.”

“With only 100 due to be released into circulation, this is an exclusive and beautiful addition to Molly-Anne’s discography. Self-produced and published, this is due to be a very special release from the singer-songwriter.”


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