The Rising 2AM

2AM is the Newest Single From The Rising

Northern Irish (Based In Leamington) Pop/Rock Duo The Rising return with their new single ‘2AM Call’.

Continuing on with the duos monthly single release strategy comes ‘2AM Call’, the follow up to last months well received ‘Better Than This’. Recorded during lockdown in the band’s own recording studio Renegade Studios and also remote recording in Nashville, TN with drummer Chris Brush.

2AM Call is the Duo’s first writing collaboration with another artist. We collaborated with Northern Irish Singer/Songwriter Eilís (

About the song, they revealed,

“The song is written after a night out in a bar (The Parlour – mentioned in the song) where we observed a guy sitting at a bar talking to the bartender. He then went outside where he had an argument with a Girl. Minutes later He arrived back in to the same place and began talking again to the bar tender who began to console him. We later found out that he had arrived with the Girl and they had just broken up. After witnessing this we thought that it would make a great narrative for a song. So after arriving back to Eilís’ apartment we wrote down the skeleton of the song. We constructed the narrative that the couple had broken up and in a distraught state the guy calls the Girl every night at 2am after drowning his sorrows asking for forgiveness. Wondering why She left him and dreaming of a way to get her back.”

The song was finished after several writing sessions and a demo session where we fleshed out the arrangement.

“As DIY artists we enjoy being hands on with every aspect of our career. From writing, recording, producing and mixing our own music, through to doing our own music videos. With this video we really wanted to take the hands-on approach literally. So we wrote out the lyrics to the single by hand and drew illustrations to represent each lyric or part of the song. We then set about animating the lyrics. To do this we tried our hands at stop-motion animation. This is the process whereby you take individual pictures to represent each frame, moving each part a fraction at a time. Then when played back at 24 frames per second the pictures begin to move. This was pain staking work and involved taking over 5000 individual images.”


The Rising 2AM



The Rising are best described as blending the fresh-faced sounds of today’s Pop/Rock with Modern Country Rock/Americana Stylings fresh from Nashville. Proud to be DIY artists the band embrace and enjoy having full creative control over their music.

Having received support from the likes of BBC IntroducingBBC Radio 2BBC Radio LondonCountry Hits RadioGuitarist MagazineMaverick MagazineHot Press Magazine.

Constant touring across Ireland, UK and Europe has allowed the band to build up a healthy fanbase as well as perform at prestigious events such as Country 2 Country Festival in London’s 02.

They have recently released their second album ‘Moving On’ which received great critical acclaim across national and regional media. Including publications in the USA featuring the band. This constant work ethic resulted in the band being named Band Of The Month on BBC Introducing.

One of the band’s singles ‘Even The Stars Fall For You’ was adopted by LGBTQ rights organisations.

The Duo host a live stream show every Monday night on their Facebook channel. Filmed in High definition with studio quality sound.




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