Eleri Angharad

Eleri Angharad Releases ‘Delete It’ out 19th March.


Eleri Angharad hasannounced the follow up single to 2020’s seductive country-pop hit New Sinwill be, Delete It and is set for release on Friday 19th March 2021 via all major streaming/digital download platforms. Delete It sees Eleri return to her country-pop roots with a piano-led track about anticipation. Delete It sees Eleri Angharad explore her own feelings of anticipation and anxiety around a WhatsApp conversation. She asks the question to either send or delete the message “I Love You.” It’s a reflection of how current society currently lives, sending endless messages but not being able to express yourself fully without that human interaction. The lyrics and vocals make you feel like you’re sitting right next to her, as she overthinks everything she’s said as she sees the anxiety-inducing.

Delete Itis a snapshot of everyone’s lives with an opening verse that questions and invites the listener into the inner dilemma in Eleri’s mind. The track is moody, relatable and captures that darkness of our own battles with mental health. The excellent production adds to the emotional core of the song from long-time producer Lee House (XY&O, Catrin Finch) and is co-written with Write Like a Girl founder Beth Keeping.“Delete It is one of my most personal tracks to date, it describes a moment where I wanted to express my emotions but not damage a friendship. It’s about weighing up the pros and cons of sending I Love You; will I hear back the same message and feel incredible or not get the answer I want and deal with rejection and potential loss? The song represents a pivotal point in my personal life” Eleri reflects the lyric video for Delete It which is also out now on YouTube, was made by Eleri on her phone. It captures the volleying of messages between her and Mr. Right from the song.

Eleri Angharad


Eleri Angharad is a country and pop artist from Swansea, Wales. Inspired by a North American road trip where she performed in Nashville, Chicago, and New York; Eleri writes and performs music that captures the traditional country music storytelling with catchy pop melodies. She draws influences from James Taylor, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and many more from that road trip. Eleri released a handful of EP’s before capturing her sound on her 2019 debut album ‘Earthbound’. Captivated by Nashville artists’ stories of heartbreak, traveling, and coming home; Eleri based her body of work traveling across the USA, Ireland, and Scandinavia. The album’s title track was playlisted on the BBC Radio Wales ‘Welsh A-list’ for 5 weeks and received support from God is on the Zine TV, Welsh Soundboard Magazine, The AU review, and more. Earthbound was accompanied by a 39 date tour across the UK and Europe. Eleri’s last two singles ‘New Sin’ and ‘Blank Walls’ have amassed over 300,000 combined streams, international and commercial radio play and 2020 was her most successful year to date, even with a global pandemic. Eleri Angharad is a proudly independent songwriter and performer, with the next 12 months continuing to grow her fanbase, audience, and sound.


Website: eleriangharadmusic.com

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