Jon Reynolds & The Aches

Jon Reynolds & The Aches release debut EP ‘Petrichor’.

Jon Reynolds & The Aches have released the debut EP Petrichor today (Jan 22nd) via Frictionless Music.

Centred on revitalisation themes, the tracks of Petrichor delve into depression, heartbreak and self-discovery. Surrounding the dense, humanistic lyrics is Jon’s musical signature, an evolution of modern pop rock and affecting vocal arrangements resting on an ethereal hum of timeless comfort.

Regarding the EP Jon says, “I don’t think there has been any more important time in my life to write songs than the last four years. My personal life in addition to the world events around all of us had never been more challenging, but that is when the most transformative art is created, in my opinion. I’m not the same person I was when I started writing these songs, and each song catalogues that evolution in my life. But my personal growth has been mirrored by my artistic growth and I self-produced for the first time.

“Every musical tool I have picked up since moving to Nashville, I put into these tracks. My engineer and co-producer Owen Lewis stuck with me through late nights and re-writes. We chased the detailed tones, arrangements, and mixes that I was looking for as a team and created something that I know is genuine, creative, and relevant.”

The EP has been made alongside Jon’s friends and collaborators Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade) and Owen Lewis (Willie Nelson, Snow Patrol, R.E.M) on engineering and production, as well as drummer Matt Singler.

Petrichor features moments of heartfelt Americana as found on ‘Imogene’ and ‘Come Now Spring’, while this is expanded into huge anthemic pop rock on ‘Heartbreak’, ‘Leather Jacket’ and ‘Love Blind’.

Jon Reynolds & The Aches first emerged in 2018 with two well-received singles ‘Undertow’ and ‘Tomorrow’s News’. Following the release and a period of reflection, Jon buried himself in the studio with Owen, Ben and Matt to work on new material. He settled into the producer’s chair with a clear sense of purpose for the Petrichor EP: sounding like himself.


  1. Imogene
  2. Heartbreak
  3. Leather Jacket
  4. Love Blind
  5. Come Now Spring

Jon Reynolds & The Aches


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