Kill The Kid

Kill The Kid releases new single ‘Don’t Follow’

Kill The Kid. We’re a new Southern \ Country  Rock band from London. We have a debut single coming out next Friday, March 19th titled ‘Don’t Follow’, it’s a Southern Rock tune we’re very proud of.

Kill The Kid


Forged in the heat of the 2020 lockdowns, Kill the Kid was formed by singer-songwriter Jed Kid and joined by Andy Mad-Axe Basiola on guitars.

Heavily influenced by bands like ACDC, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Pride and Glory, Johnny Cash, Flogging Molly, Queen, and alike. Kill the Kid is not your ordinary Rock band, playing a fusion of Hard Rock, Country, Irish Punk, and Rock and Roll with their own original twist.

Kill the Kid’s debut single “Don’t Follow” was released on 19th March 2021.


Facebook: @killthekid

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YouTube: @killthekid


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