Presenter turned rising UK Country talent Scott Nicholls marks new beginnings after marriage break-up with debut On Fire


Rising UK Country star Scott Nicholls deals with the break-up of his marriage and struggling to move on with dynamic track On Fire set for release everywhere digitally January 28th. The first of three releases planned for the first quarter of 2020, Scott’s emotive songs about love lost and new beginnings come from difficult life lessons, the first starting in Texas in 2015.


Unlike most rising talents on the UK scene, that discover Country music before looking to make the pilgrimage to Nashville, the London born singer stumbled on the craft six years ago whilst living in the States, settled and wanting to start a family with his-then-wife.


Scott first heard artists like Eric Church & Jason Isbell, then, when the relationship started to break-down, those songs, amongst a rapidly growing list of others, became an escape.


“I was always playing music at home, and I’d played in bands when I was younger in the UK but had never written my own stuff. I had met a girl, moved to the US and started a family in Texas. I was a bank manager, I’d just bought a house… and when it all fell apart, I came back to the UK to heal really. For me, that was through country music.”

“All I had when I moved home were some clothes, my acoustic guitar and a library full of country songs on my phone and computer. The songs were the only thing I went home with!”


Devastated and heartbroken, writing about his own experiences became a way of talking about what he was going through. “I can’t take, more heartbreak so I’ll hold onto your love” yearns the country crooner in the first of three releases planned for the first quarter of 2020.


Having returned to London, Scott’s love of the music led him to becoming a broadcast journalist and radio personality (UK Country News, Chris Country, Riverside Radio) whilst gigging four to five nights a week in dive bars across every corner of the capital and beyond, becoming a familiar, well-loved face on the scene. It’s safe to say his upcoming releases, now reaching boiling point, have become one of the worst kept secrets on the circuit.


“Two hearts crashing like a wrecking ball, on fire — it’s all about that spark y’know, that first feeling all the way through to the heartbreak. It’s all a big part of it. It’s all special in its own way.”


These purposefully crafted and emotionally resonant songs about life after love are set to make Scott one to watch for 2020.


After On Fire on Jan 28th, Scott is set to release Cinderella, on February 14th to culminate in a full band headline debut at London’s legendary Troubadour on 28th February, with support coming from former UK #1 charting country artist Shannon Hynes (I’m Not Pretty) and London singer-songwriter Jon Grayson (Piece by Piece, Roots). The third single will follow soon after to get 2020 absolutely rolling.



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