Taynee Lord

Taynee Lord Features on New Tom Cary Album

‘Kiss Goodnight’ is the new Duet single that Taynee Lord recorded for Tom Cary’s debut album ‘Smile’. The Country-Pop tune features a catchy chorus with guitar riffs that get stuck into your head and get your toes tapping. The story behind the song is of a couple who yearn to make their relationship work because they can’t deny their feelings for each other. This love song has an uplifting feel to it that’s full of hope. Taynee met Tom when recording at The Cube Studio in Cornwall. After hearing Taynee sing through the studio wall, they kept in contact talking about all things country music. Later Tom and producer Gareth Young invited Taynee to sing on the duet track ‘Kiss Goodnight’ to complete Toms album, their voices blending together in harmony.



Taynee Lord


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