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Phillipa Cookman Pays Tribute to her Father with New Album

Phillipa Cookman has been a professional musician for 15 years. She has been  fortunate enough to earn a living travelling and entertaining folks on stages around the world and although she loves performing and touring, it’s kept her so busy that  she’s been able to use it as an excuse for years for not making her own album.  Then there was lockdown 2020, and like every other musician in the world, she  suddenly had a lot of free time!  

Phillipa’s from a family of musicians, but this project is about just one of the  talented Cookman bunch; her Dad, Brian.  

A musician and composer, magazine designer, artist and T’ai Chi practitioner, Brian  Cookman was accomplished at a lot of things in life. He was a pioneer of Desktop  Publishing and helped launch Rolling Stone magazine in the UK. Most notably,  Brian earned a reputation as one of Britain’s finest exponents of Delta Blues and  Jug Band music. Both he and his music were loved by all who met him or saw him  perform.  

Sadly he checked out far too early, he passed away from cancer in 2005,  otherwise he’d still be spending his time gigging, sharing his songs and making  people laugh.  

When Brian died, he left Phillipa and her three siblings a huge body of creative  work, and for the last 15 years she had a nagging regret that more people didn’t  get the opportunity to enjoy the huge talent that was Brian Cookman.  

So she did something about it. After her own recent brush with cancer and  subsequent treatment she decided life’s too short and to finally produce a record.  

With the blessing and help of her brothers and sister, Phillipa recorded a  selection of her Dad’s songs with the intention of sharing an album of his work with as many people as possible. His songs are excellent and deserve to be heard.  

The first single, Greasy Mabel, went to no1 in the UK Country Charts with the  follow up single charting at no3. The album was released worldwide on the 27th  November 2020. 

People that remember Brian and his songs will enjoy hearing them again in a new  way, and new listeners can fall in love with lyrics about life, politics, love, the  American depression, waitresses and more. A blend of country, rock, Americana  and Dad’s beloved blues, this album will be a unique celebration of his contribution  to music, his family and his fans. 





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