Laura Beckwith

Rising artist Laura Beckwith releases debut country song ‘Halfway’.

Exciting times are ahead for Laura…she has come a long way in terms of confidence and vocal ability from her amazing previous single ‘Not in Love’… I, for one, am really excited to witness is [Country Chat with Dom].


UK based singer-songwriter Laura Beckwith is an upcoming country-pop artist. Laura has been drawn to music since a very young age. She started learning to play the piano soon after joining theatre school. From then on, she has been songwriting and performing live at various venues in London, Essex and Hampshire. 


Laura’s debut single ‘Not in Love’ showcased her delicate vocals & talented songwriting ability whilst coupled with a modern pop production. The single was supported by BBC Essex, Voice FM, amongst others. During lockdown of 2020, Laura focussed her energy on growing her following through social media and performing virtual live streams. Her songwriting and storytelling finds its natural fit within the country music scene and the production of her new single ‘Halfway’ complements this significantly. 

Halfway came after an extremely heated argument that went on for hours. All I wanted was for it to be resolved and somehow forget that it ever happened. Sometimes compromises have to be made in order for you to move on.”




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