Shaun Samonini - Stuck On You

Shaun Samonini Makes His Debut With New Single ‘Stuck On You’

Shaun Samonini is making his country music debut with new single Stuck On You. Inspired by his relationship with his wife, he captures the uplifting and happy feeling of summer that surrounded Shaun when he penned the track with co-writer and long-term friend Dwayne. With his unique sound, Shaun pulls together all the different elements that he values in music, simplicity, honest story-telling and great musicians for songs that really resonate.

Recorded with a live band, Dwayne produced the track according to their shared vision, an acoustic feel with lots of warmth and a dash of pedal steel. The resulting track is recognisably country, a little bit soulful and a little bit poppy, guaranteed to resonate with anybody who has experienced the euphoric feeling of a deep love or hopeful to find their person they can stick with through good and bad.

About Stuck On You, Shaun shares, “Most importantly we wanted the lyrics to cut through. I’ve always said that above anything else my wife is my home. No matter where I am, what I’m doing, who I’m with – I always come back to her. Our house isn’t my home, she is. That’s the sentiment we wanted to get across with Stuck On You.”


Shaun Samonini was born with music in his veins and eager to share his gift. Having performed in such prestigious venues as Her Majesty’s Theatre and The Palladium, he got the taste for performing and has really never looked back.

Growing up, he was influenced by an eclectic collection of music. Heavily into Motown and soul music, his vocal stylings are borrowed from the likes of Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye. But his dad was always a big Country music fan, and Shaun fondly remembers long journeys listening to Lonestar and The Chicks (formerly The Dixie Chicks).

At 20, Shaun was picked up by a management label and found himself on tour as a featured artist with British soul singer, Lemar. Fast forward to 2019 and he was invited to audition for The Voice UK. Shaun wowed the judges, got 3 turns and chose Team Tom. He exited at The Battle stage and headed straight to the studio to write a Country music EP, aspiring to the lyrical ability of Brad Paisley, but the honesty and vulnerability of Luke Combs and Miranda Lambert.

Although delayed by a global pandemic, Shaun’s new music is ready for release, and with a fire in his soul Shaun Samonini is raring to go.


Shaun Samonini - Stuck On You


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